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        Welcome to the website of Qingdao SISOUL Group!
        TEL:0532-87700000   中文版 English
        Position:Home > Service
        Relocation/renovation upgrade
        Professional relocation/renovation team
        Focus on evaluation and service for new and old customer equipment upgrades and relocation.

        Old equipment FAQ:
        1、The equipment is old and the output is too small to meet the construction requirements;
        2、Inaccurate measurement, increased fuel consumption, and sudden increase in production costs;
        3、dust overflows, sewage cross-flow, environmental protection is not up to standard;
        4、low degree of automation, labor costs are too high
        In response to the above problems, we have a professional technical and service team. We have a series of comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of resource reuse, energy conservation and environmental protection.
        Service flow of equipment upgrading

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        Email:zql@sisoul.cn Record number:魯ICP備10022862號 Address:Wechat Public Number

        Wechat Public Number

        Mobile phone station

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