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        Welcome to the website of Qingdao SISOUL Group!
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        Mixing serious

        SISOUL?Group specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of concrete machinery equipment, forming an environmental protection industrial chain for concrete mixing, concrete transportation and concrete recycling, providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

        The concrete mixing series includes environmental mixing plant,?precast concrete batching plant?(PC), containerized bucket stations, mobile mixing plant, dry mortar production lines and many other products.

        • Environmental protection Con...

        • Tower Dry Mortar Production ...

        Pumping serious

        Based on the advanced experience of domestic and foreign experience, the products designed and developed independently, through the finite element analysis, dynamic data analysis and analysis of accurate data support, to ensure that the boom system structure is reasonable, excellent performance, and obtained a number of patents in design; high quality materials, operation More intelligent; high-end design, energy saving and more fuel-efficient; strong power, faster material feeding; stable performance, safer and more reliable; widely used in infrastructure construction such as construction, transportation?and energy.

        • Mobile Concrete Placing Boom

        • Concrete Foaming Machine

        • Delivery&Spraying Pump

        • Concrete Mixer Pump

        Environmental Serious

        As?the one member of?industry standardization technical committee, we?has been focusing on scientific research,?production of concrete machinery and environmental protection for many years. Its main products include sand and gravel separators, dust collectors, filter presses, car washing machines, etc., which help recycling of the construction waste of concrete mixing plant and solid & liquid wastes, helping enterprises to create environmentally friendly non-polluting concrete mixing plants.

        • GSF40 Sandstone separator

        Intelligent Interconnection serious

        Industry 4.0, a new reform, is unstoppable. IoT solutions that use big data, privately ordered, and new generations of production methods to achieve energy efficiency and efficiency, create value with manufacturing. Integrate logistics resources and give full play to the efficiency of existing logistics resource suppliers. The demand side can quickly obtain service matching and obtain logistics support. The intelligent MES system can learn independently, automatically collect data, real-time monitoring, analysis and interpretation, intelligent decision-making, optimization of scheduling confusion, inefficiency, inventory backlog, poor communication, etc., driven by data. For the enterprise to create intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, intelligent MES system as the core of the smart factory, providing complete solutions and hardware and software systems to help enterprises achieve intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

        • Gantry welding robot

        • Six floors Parking system

        • Concrete Batching Plant Inte...

        • Multi-layer circular garage

        • Flat mobile stereo garage

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        Mobile phone station

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