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        Welcome to the website of Qingdao SISOUL Group!
        TEL:0532-87700000   中文版 English
        Position:Home > RESEASRCH INNOVATION
        Intellectual property
        Since its establishment, SISOUL has focused on independent research and development,
        introducing and researching advanced German technology while carrying out transformation and innovation, and constantly improving.

        SIOSUL Group?adheres to the principle of scientific and technological innovation and development, continuously strengthens the protection of intellectual property rights, for each new product?achieves the protection of not less than 20 patents.?
        By the end of 2018,?SISOUL?Group had authorized more than 500 patents, mainly based on invention patents and utility model patents, a small number of appearance patents; more than 30 computer software copyrights; and the independent innovation achievements?protection for our?hundreds of products. More than 30 registered trademarks at home and abroad.

        Copyright @ SISOUL GROUP Copyright All Rights Reserved Hotline:+86-0532-87700000 Fax:+86-0532-87700000
        Email:zql@sisoul.cn Record number:魯ICP備10022862號 Address:Wechat Public Number

        Wechat Public Number

        Mobile phone station

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